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You'll have a stronger relationship with her as long as you both respect boundries.

As the parent of 4 teenagers, I have found that it's best to let them go out in groups with other kids that you trust.

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As a young mother(25 yrs) that has not forgotten what 14 felt like, I can say that trust is huge.

If your daughter has earned your trust and you are upfront regarding expectations of her and this new relationship, it will be just that an innocent boyfriend.Again, she is a responsible girl (does homework, takes honors classes, gets good grades and cooperates with chores around the house). I have received so many thoughtful and genuinely caring responses to my question. I am going to allow occasional visits to our home, dates at the mall in the afternoon, and staying after school with him once a week so they can walk to the local Dunkin' Donuts. 14 is too young, no matter how responsible she is in other areas, to be getting into possible adult situations.I hate to say no to her when she is acting so appropriately otherwise. I have feeling this is more of a male/female battle! I cannot express how it feels to know that so many wonderful mothers took the time to write back. I am keeping the "talks" going and she is holding up her end by continuing to do well in school (an A on her last honors history test!! I spend enough time with her to be able to keep tabs on her social life. She will have many many years of dating what's the rush.Crush Zone is a free teen dating site for young people from all over the world.No matter where you are from - United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Germany, Spain, France or anywhere else, you are welcome to join.all asian girl sexy cars pics hot asian women photos..club shirts sexy cars pics best club dresses sexy black and white dresses asian girl white girls cars wallpaper internet pen pals ... hot ladies and cars asian men like white women - sexy night dresses, sexy girls on sexy cars.

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