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Between Sessions also offers audio files, posters, handouts, assessments, games and more for adults dealing with depression.Our CBT therapy worksheets are designed and developed by professionals, so you can count on their quality.(0517, wellness, stress, depression) Increasing Positive Feelings — This worksheet is designed to evoke positive feelings and simultaneously demonstrate that you can “change the channel” on your emotions.

(workplace, PTSD, 1213) Thinking About Your Accmplishments — This worksheet is designed to help people think about what they have accomplished in their lives and what they hope to accomplish in the future.

It uses the metaphor of a museum and asks people to draw or write nine accomplishments they would put in their museum.

(emotional intelligence, depression, communication, social skills, 0317) Show Your Feelings Role Play Games — Get people talking about their feelings with three “cut and tape” dice games.

These games are fun to play and a great way to encourage kids, teens, or even adults to talk about their feelings.

Lower scores may suggest a vulnerability to depression or other mental health problems. PDF Guided Imagery Walk Through the Forest-Audio — This guided imagery audio can be used to teach relaxation skills as a way to cope with anxiety, depression, physical problems, emotional volatility, and stress related disorders. Form Type: PDF & MP3 Progressive Muscle Relaxation — Progressive Muscle Relaxation: This tool includes a link to a 12-minute audio which can be used to guide clients through progressive muscle relaxation.

It also includes a chart to help a person develop the habit of spending time each day practicing relaxation. (0215) Five-Finger Relaxation Audio — This six minute audio file guides listeners towards a state of relaxation and well-being by having them imagine four scenes from their past using visual, audio, and kinesthetic images. David Cheek and recorded by Dartmouth College Health Services. Right click to open and play the file, then left click on the black screen if you wish to download the file.

Type: MP3 (914) (BT) Mindful Meditation Audio — This audio was produced by Dartmouth College Health Center, and can be used with clients as an introduction to the technique of Mindful Meditation.

The background music is from “ERH” on the Free Sound Project. Left click to listen to the recording and right click to download the MP3 file. Thinking About Emotions Game — This worksheet is designed to help people think and talk about their feelings.

The tool contains criteria for this condition, as well as an assessment worksheet for clients to help them understand the symptoms of this disorder.

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