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Every time I take a nosedive into this scent, I get something different. I have a decent-sized sample, so I want to try this a couple more times, and hope that my opinions will change. I still do recommend it, though, for the people who like spicy orientals.Because of the 'old lady' association, sometimes this smells super feminine to me, but other times, I find it really unisex because it is in no way similar to La Vie Est Belle or other popular women's fragrance right now. It lasts forever and when I wear it, I love smelling myself. My mom was gifted this perfume and asked me if I wanted to try it on so I did.

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The perfumist of Youth Dew - Josephine Catapano - one of the pioneer women perfumers working within the large scale top designer fragrance industry - passed away on May 14, 2012 aged 93.

She has been the author of Norell (by Norell), Cinnabar, Youth-Dew, and JHL (by Estée Lauder), Fidji (by Guy Laroche) and Zen (by Shiseido), among others.

I was given this classic perfume as a birthday present some yrs back.

I loved the design of the gift box and it was also a set, it had the parfum and a big heavy white body lotion .

Change the colour, and they are on to something special!

My current 2018 Youth Dew in the vintage 1953 blue bottle (Thank you Nordstrom for carrying this) is actually the BEST smelling Youth Dew I have ever had or smelled.

In the past, Youth Dew literally gagged me and I used to say it is the scent of a decaying old woman :-O Current Youth Dew smells very, very similar to past versions, but somehow Estee Lauder has "softened" or mellowed the fragrance. Opens with intensely aromatic and bright herbal citrus aldehydes before enveloping the wearer in its brazen, smouldering balsam-infused spices that possess a notable Coca-Cola accord supported by rich, earthy patchouli and incense. I bought the bath oil bottle when it was on sale half price on Estee Lauder website last year.

It is still a major powerhouse, but it blends into the skin better instead of sitting on top and screaming at everyone! The woman who wears Youth Dew is assertive, self-assured and incredibly alluring. The scent is super strong, I can't imagine how strong it is if I bought the spray bottle.

The woman that wears YD nowadays is opinionated and original.

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