Australia post tracking not updating

Thanks, Roxy Hi Bill, Sure, looking at the scans I can see its arrived in Sydney on the 18th and is being processed as we speak.

You should receive it over the next few days, but if you haven't got it by Tuesday next week, get in touch with us via one of the below methods and we'll follow up: - Facebook: - Twitter: @auspost - Website: UK - Call us on 13 13 18 Roxy Hi Julie, Hmm, looking at the scans for this one I'd say it should've arrived by now.

And I've only just experienced the "Pending - no events yet" scenario with two of my Ebay purchases, one of which has been like that for 4 days now.

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The other way around (at least until the point the parcel arrives somewhere in Australia), it's much quicker.

Of course, then there's that stereotypical belief that Germans are very good at planning. Maybe I therefore have high expectations of Australia Post and it's doing well compared to other Western countries. In general, postage of anything but letters takes longer than from a business management point of view seems efficient.

Hi there, I have 13 packages in total being sent to me from China. Five of these arrived on Monday and one arrived today.

The others seem to be stuck since the 25/9/14 on "Departure from outward office of exchange" all at the exact same time.

However, I've lived in Germany for most of my life, now in Australia for 5 years, and every single year, I send parcels off to Germany express post (meant to take a few business days, usually takes over a month, if not two months), same with postcards abroad and in-country AUS - AUS parcels.

I understand AP is busier around Christmas, but does my old Grandfather really have to wait two months for one little present that lights up his day, when I pay for the quickest postage?

Can someone please tell me what is happening with these packages??

The tracking numbers for all the packages including the ones I have received are: RI164994611CN RI164994625CN RI164994639CN RI164994642CN RI164994656CN RI164994660CN RI164994673CN RI164994687CN RI164994695CN RI164994700CN RI164994713CN RI164994727CN RI164994735CN Thanks.

If your receiver hasn't received this let them know to contact us so we can look into this for them.

~Sami Hey Emily, It's possible the orders were coming from different warehouses and if one of them was in Australia that could make the delivery process occur quicker.

It does look a little unusual for an international tracking number, as they normally have 2 letters at the front, 9 numbers then 2 letters at the end, for example AB123456789CD.

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