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I was asked to keep the sheet from Outlook's calendar, but as far as I know it should be relatively easy to add a sheet to the workbook with a calendar included in it.

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I've never had much use for excel prior to my current job and this site has been nothing short of a blessing.

I work for a mortgage company, and more specifically I work for a VERY productive Loan Officer who simply cannot keep track of the sheer volume of product she is moving.

It is possible to display several items using some complex formulas, but it might be a better idea to summarize the data in some way if this is required.

One common solution is to use pivot tables and slicers to quickly extract data for specific date ranges.

If you create your calendar sheet with the dates that you need, you can use VLOOKUP to search for and display the corresponding entries in your data.

You can see a video lesson explaining how to use VLOOKUP in: Expert Skills Lesson 3-22 Use a VLOOKUP function for an exact lookup.

You can see how to use Excel's date functions in: Expert Skills Lesson 3-11 Use the Excel DATE function to offset days, months and years.

I have attached an example workbook showing a simple calendar connected to a table of data using VLOOKUP: Calendar Hopefully this is sufficient to your needs, as things get more difficult if you need a calendar that can display multiple entries for each date.

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