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Silver was actually voiced by PETE CAPELLA before Flynn, but you gotta admit, they sound almost too similar.

Still, it's hard to imagine Silver going from sounding almost more determined and gullable than Knuckles to sounding like a sarcastic wild card like Axel.

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But enough of that, because this is where the Kingdom Hearts related stuff comes in. SAIX), And SILVER Is Being Voiced By QUINTON FLYNN (A. That's right, Kingdom Hearts II and 358/2 Days' very own Saix and Axel are now the voices of Sonic's douples from both Past and Future, respectively.

Last night I was checking out news on the new Sonic Crew (gota call the voice acting team something right? This hit me harder than when I discovered the replacment of the 4Kids!

) and when I looked at the voices in Sonic Free Riders and Sonic Colors for the DS (apparently the more well received of this Holiday bundle), aside from seeing our (or at least my) favorite voices for our (or again, my) favorite characters being replaced by other videogame/other-category voice actors, I was both shocked, amazed, and confused when I discovered the new voices for Sonic's two famous dopplegangers Shadow the Hedgehog and Silver the Hedgehog. Team (minus Pollok) overall, let alone Jason Griffith as Sonic.

So for me right now this is both facinating, kinda cool, but also confusing, wierd, unneccessary, and ironic (I would put more things but there are more reasons why it is ironic as well)!

Personaly, I pictured Flynn voicing Sonic, not some guy who didn't even audition and that I never heard of.

And I can nevr honestly imagine Silver without the detirmened and somewhat whiney kid-like voice of Rick Gomez (who also voices our very own Zack Fair from Final Fantasy VII and Birth by Sleep), who I've always liked--Oh, wait, my mistake!It just- eh who am I kidding, I'll start improving myself tomorrow (For right now, this is as short as I can make it without biting my nails or something like that).Terai is a virtual idol, a media personality who isn’t a person at all.I suggest you make a blog or post such long and irrelevant rants elsewhere.Well, I guess I could try holding my breath while I type or something.This is my 1080p HD Let's Play of Sonic Generations for the PC!

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