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It's Karina Gould's first day back in Parliament after taking a 10-week maternity leave.

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It then began engaging in arson, beatings, destruction of property, lynching, murder, rape, tar-and-feathering, whipping, and voter intimidation.

They targeted newly freed slaves, carpetbaggers and scalawags, and the occupying Union army.

Payne as anti-semitic and fascist, respectively, were involved in the Bucharest pogrom, and in political murders during the 1930s.

After the American Civil War of 1861–1865, former Confederate soldiers organized the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) organization originally as a social club, which was taken over in the next year by "night rider" elements.

Rapoport and Lindsay Clutterbuck point out that the Plot, with its use of explosives, was an early precursor of 19th century anarchist terrorism.

Orthodox Christian-influenced movements in Romania, such as the Iron Guard and Lăncieri, which have been characterized by Yad Vashem and Stanley G.

As the ticks that can cause the disease become more common, some researchers are saying it's time the vaccine made a comeback.

The 1605 Gunpowder Plot was a failed attempt by a group of English Catholics including Guy Fawkes to assassinate King James I, and to blow up the Palace of Westminster, the English seat of government. Aghai, "The beginnings of modern terrorism can be traced back to England and the Gunpowder Plot of 1605." Although the modern concept of religious terrorism had not yet come into use in the 17th century, David C.

He purports to be the leader of a Christian religious group called CLAMP, the Christian Legion Against Media Pornography. He claims to be in "direct communication" with the Lord, transcribing "The New Revelation." Also claiming to be "God's ten-star general in the war against media pornography," J.

gave his full name which Art Bell blocked out, saying, "We never allow last names on the air so we're going to have to call you by a nickname.

Caro Rolando's documentary, From The Frontlines: The War on Plastics, examines the debate about whether the ban is doing more harm than good.

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