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Then he called the local Cadillac dealer and bought 14 - one for each of his closest friends from his home town of Memphis, Tennessee.

He would be paid 0,000 a week, equivalent to almost £2 million in today's money - for two shows a night, four weeks at a time, twice a year - for seven years. Nobody, least of all Elvis, saw it like that at the time, though. They were eating their 0 steaks and drinking their drinks in the main room and they didn't want to hear the racket we were making.' Tom Jones, who knew Presley well, says Vegas simply wasn't prepared for him first time around. Liberace was playing there - he was the big Vegas star of the time.' While Elvis was away making films, there had been the invasion by British groups like The Beatles and the Rolling Stones, and the whole music scene had swung towards bands.

And it would lead directly to Elvis's own premature death, eight years later.

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It was also more prophetic than anyone could possibly have realised at the time.

Presley's arrival - after almost a decade in the straitjacket of a Hollywood contract where he'd churned out one dire movie after another as his career went into decline - was to have a profound effect both on Vegas itself - and him.

His dark eyes sparkled, his skin glowed with good health, and he was happy to talk freely.

'Working for Hollywood was fine, and I've got no complaints about the way I was treated, but they put me on a production line.

'I've been away from people - real people - too long,' he told me that evening.

Dressed in a black mohair suit, tall and muscular with no sign of the weight problem that would blight his life, he drank cola and refused the mini-burgers offered.

'Before that, the casinos used to subsidise the entertainment because they knew they'd get their money back at the tables.

But Elvis changed all that and drew the big players in.

I was making films back-to-back, sometimes three a year, and although there was plenty of music in them, I had no say in what I sang or how I sang it.

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