Dating marriage family during renaissance

Table manners is the second topic of concern for Castiglione.

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Drawing on the medieval code of chivalry, countless books were devoted to the subject of education, conduct, politeness, and propriety–primarily because many crude men had risen to positions of wealth and power through commercial or military means.

All searched for the easiest way to become genteel.

In response to the increasing frequency of barbarism and feudal wars during the Middle Ages, for example, the Church instituted a code of Christian conduct for knights. Knights were the soldiers of the time, and expected to be honorable and courageous.

They were entrusted to protect the weak and innocent, and to defend the rights of the Church throughout Christendom and beyond, as this anonymous poem illustrates: From 1300 to 1550, much of Europe experienced what we think of today as the Renaissance, the rebirth of Greek and Roman classical culture.

It is here in the dining room that a man’s refinement–or lack thereof–is most obviously on display.

Not a few gents through the ages have committed unsightly gaffes through force of impolite habits.

The average duration of courtship varies considerably throughout the world.

The act of dating is seen to be very temporary, with such acts seeming as if they are “on one day” and “off the other”.

Castiglione divided his advice into four main categories.

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