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"It started out casual as they would run into each other at parties and hangout, but most recently it's become more serious," said the source.

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Each date gets cash for every minute they last and if they make it to the end of the designated date time period they can either choose to go on a second date, or take the money and run!

Now there is some incentive for the potential dates to be on their best behavior too.

There's nothing necessarily wrong with a naked dating show; while I wouldn't be hurrying to sign up, all the people on the show are adults who have willingly volunteered - there's nothing generally wrong with being unashamed by your body and having the confidence to bare all. However, talking about this show as if it is a groundbreaking, barrier pushing format based on building lasting connections is a bit of a laugh.

It's a novelty show for people who wanna awkwardly giggle at seeing a load of naked people stood in boxes on the telly.

He is definitely considerate of her busy schedule and her feelings. The two haven't commented on the rumours themselves, but we must admit they do make a cute couple.

Here is the answer for MTV blind dating show that secluded single participants into an RV.

They said: "A few months ago they were sneaking out of public venues like Delilah while trying to not make a scene and now they have gone on private vacations to Europe.

Their relationship has grown and they don't care if anyone sees them now." While we're yet to witness them on one of these supposed private vacays, the pair were seen enjoying each other's company at the MTV EMAs.

At the end the idea was to see how much of their stuff they wanted back, with a lot of participants donating large quantities to charity shops or homeless initiatives, realising a lot of their accrued possessions didn't really bring them any happiness anyway.

This I found interesting and made me quite self-reflective.

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