Dating scams in china

Eleven days after Su's death, new guidelines drafted by China's Communist Youth League, Ministry of Civil Affairs and the National Health and Family Planning Commission, were introduced to intensify efforts to clean up China's matchmaking service industry.The new regulations crack down on illegal practices often utilized by for-profit matchmaking sites, such as knowingly pairing users with hired men and women posing as attractive singletons.Despite paying what the average person might consider a preposterous matchmaking fee, still failed to properly verify Zhai's marital status as a divorcee.

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The two never met in real life, as the man said he was always at sea.

After chatting for one month, the engineer finally asked Chen to "help him with his visa application," by using her property as a warrant.

Shu Xin, director of the China Marital Family Work Association and founder of Weiqing marriage counseling, says that, in Su's case, all the millions he spent on Zhai was entirely voluntary.

Thus it would have been quite difficult, if not impossible, for him to sue her for fraud. And, most importantly, the most persuasive witness - Su himself - is now dead.

The Global Times reporter registered on a local dating site with an authentic China ID, but was still able to easily fake all of her stats, such as education, employment, height and relationship status.

In addition, VIP dating accounts can now be bought on the black market without the user having to provide their ID.

Others said they were swindled out of the deposit they paid for properties and jewelry for their new spouses. For example, between 20, a divorced woman in rural Huainan, East China's Anhui Province, instructed her 14-year-old daughter to marry seven different men seven different times.

However, only 25 cases were judged as marriage scams and ruled in the plaintiff's favor. The teenaged bride (with her mother's guidance) swindled 500,000 yuan from the men before finally being exposed by four of her ex-husbands who met online after one man got suspicious and checked his wife's phone. Many cases involve rushed marriage decisions, regretful couples and accusations that are difficult to prove.

Fortunately, Chen was clever enough to realize something wasn't right.

"I searched for keywords 'offshore oil platform dating website' and found that, in fact, this is a classic dating scam."Common dating scams, such as young men who bilk older, desperate women for cash or pretty women who convince older wealthy men to take them out on extravagant dates, can usually be avoided by vigilant users.

The reporter needed only provide two photos (which could be grabbed off the Internet).

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