Dating singer treadle table

Later as smaller 3/4 size machines were introduced powered by hand cranks, they were mounted in portable cases.

To distinguish between the variety of table or cabinet styles, and also the different wood finishes available, a 5 letter Ref Code was introduced.

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This page is a guide to some of the Singer woodwork that has been produced over the years.

When the first Singer Model A was introduced, its packing case doubled as a table upon which it was mounted.

We really didn't have space for two bulky old sewing machines - let alone three!

I've had my other grandmother's machine - that I can actually sew with - for the last 20 years.

It was the bases that spoke to me with their steady, iron, sculptural beauty.

Since right now we are working on sprucing up our guest room what we actually needed - and had room for - were nightstands. We were very impressed with Live Edge Timber Co's Timber-Link sections.

This will be one of the easiest tutorials we've ever done because the Timber-Link sections go together as simply as advertised.

Their own videos show everything you need to do and we found them helpful.

Then we'd yank our hands away and dizzily watch the wheel spin and the treadle pump.

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