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Remember the reader whose coworker kept calling her “baby mama” after she returned from maternity leave, even going so far as to refer to as another coworker’s “baby mama”?

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But in Bad Teacher the wardrobe department has gone into overdrive to make her look dowdy.

Cameron plays the foul-mouthed, pot-smoking Elizabeth Halsey, who regards her pupils as an irritation and wants to do anything but teach.

‘We’re competing for Justin, and in any other universe that would be absurd,’ she giggles.

‘I certainly wouldn’t want to be competing with Cameron Diaz in the vamping department.’ Actually, it’s not absurd at all, because in reality Lucy is stunning, today in skinny J Brand jeans, Chloé shoes and a grey paisley Lorenzini blouse.

Hollywood duly took note, and work started pouring in.

‘That role changed everything for me,’ says Lucy, 33, who stars in Bad Teacher, a risqué comedy in which she and Cameron Diaz fight, quite literally, for the attentions of Justin Timberlake.Not only was I written up, but my job duties were so significantly decreased that I went from being an office manager to a receptionist.I took my case to the corporate VP of HR, claiming hostile work environment, retaliation for filing an HR complaint, sexual harassment, etc.I look terrible [in the film] but I was supposed to.’Ms Diaz was, apparently, a sweetheart to work with, lavishing treats on the cast and crew and generally behaving like one of the gang. She knows everyone’s name and does these really sweet things. She would bring a masseuse on set, and one time an acupuncturist.It was really cool – I’d never had acupuncture before. I just wanted to see what it’s like when someone sticks pins in you…’There were also a couple of rather surreal, very Hollywood moments, when she sat listening to Cameron and Justin – both multimillionaires – discuss real estate and parties.The manager has been ordered to leave me alone and has not spoken to me since.

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