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THe first story is surely false, as it orignated as a story in Chicken Soup for the Soul and found later popularity as an e-mail forward.

The second one I have seen as an e-mail forward, though it's origin I do not know for certain. Wayne has no problem letting the world know he is fabulously rich, even revealing he is in the top 1% income bracket in a letter to politicians on his website, which seems primary focused on his repulsion for having to pay alot of taxes.

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One you've had access to the 10 secrets for success and inner peace, why on earth would you need the power of intention to manifest what you want?

You now have success and inner peace if you used his last book, why is there always more wisdom to be sold for 30 dollars?

Finally, a woman posted a message on here that I will summarize as saying, "I am jobless, without a husband, am very shy and need money, I have been trying to manifest what i want with the power of intention, but it is not working".

This is very sad to me, I believe Dyer's "Intention" philosophy is very dangerous, as it gives hope to the hopeless in a very disingenious way.

Yet it appears to me that Wayne sells himself as the worlds foremost thinker on "Self Development".

When one listens to Wayne speak, one is astounded by his use of quotation.

While this may be true in many cases, to dismiss the political and economic factors is to me, callous and un-"source" like, so to say.

He writes diatribes against paying taxes, but I've not seen his work urging politicians to do more to help homeless people, or, if he truely believes his work is what they need, why don't we see him going out and making sure that all disadvantaged people have his books, tapes, cds, dvds, yes, he even sells a pack of playing cards.

In the Power of Intention (I believe) he talks about a coworker who is sick with a cold, and how disgusting his snot is.

20 minutes later he tells us that we must find beauty in everything we see, even a homeless person urinating on the street (This was preempted by a story regarding the work of Victor Frankle the founder of Logotherapy, and him finding beauty in the head of a fish, which was given to him in his soup by his Nazi captors during the holocaust). This is simply one example I found particularly amusing.

To me, it's perfectly okay to be egocentric, it's just difficult to acccept this in somene who claims to have nearly transcended all of his ego ways.

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