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But with no indication of exactly which particular pottery was represented. Even that, to a non-expert in the field of pottery has proved to be amazingly difficult.

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The 'Islamic' technique does not apparently produce predictable results, so while the large potteries of the world, such as Josiah Wedgwood & Josiah Spode, did use those techniques, their use is today confined to studio potters where unpredictability is perhaps an advantage.

But the ancient techniques are really NOT what is meant when people refer to 'lusterware' manufactured in Sunderland.

To search for specific text on this page, just press 'CTRL F' & then enter your search term. And in fact a 3rd pottery, page 175, just for Sunderland verses, available here.

And, so far, at least, has made heavy weather of learning about the whole subject of potteries.

Rather the term is applied to more modern techniques where the iridescence is produced by applying a film on top of a glaze, by hand painting or perhaps by dipping, the decorative design being formed from metals, a different metal, such as copper, gold or platinum with other metals also such as tin, according to the intended colour of the finished piece.

Those techniques came into usage in England in the very early years of the 19th century.So below, as time goes by, I will show images that perhaps are acceptable - from say expired e-Bay items.While items come up for sale, every day, on e-Bay, there are very few listings that provide images of the quality I prefer to feature in these pages. The vendors' purposes are clearly not to please me or you, the reader of these pages. And shipping to both import fine clays from elsewhere & to export the manufactured product.So the imagery on the pages may grow slower than the text! All of which gave Sunderland a competitive advantage for a great many years.Establishing which specific pottery produced which particular piece, is quite beyond my ability, so I will not attempt to indicate that detail unless my source so indicated. In the 1850s, a tariff was imposed upon pottery shipments onto the continent, which did not help re exports but maybe more importantly Sunderland's advantages with access to the sea were much reduced by the coming of the railways.But let me try a start on the subject & readers who are able might care to correct or expand upon my limited words.

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