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Sex can also help maintain the body’s flexibility and cardiovascular health, decrease anxiety, and enhance overall mood.

Often, what a man says is more important than what he does when he’s trying to get a woman in the mood.

“Offering compliments is usually a sure-fire way of making someone want to get closer…

Male pheromones have been shown to provide information on a man’s symmetry, which is an indicator of genetic fitness and ultimately can determine whether a man is genetically compatible with a woman.

“For many women — whether they realize it or not — scent can play an important role in determining her willingness to have sex with a man, given her ‘sense’ of whether they can produce genetically healthy, strong children together,” says Buss.

“Women who are scorned sometimes suffer damage to their social reputation, whether they are cheated on or dumped.

Having sex — especially if it is with someone who is relatively high in ‘mate value’ — can sometimes help to restore a woman’s reputation,” he explains.

Women prefer men whose MHC genes (or Major Histo Compatibility genes) are dissimilar to their own, because this is the set of genes involved in determining an individual’s immune function.

“Having children with men who are dissimilar produces children with healthier immune systems,” Buss explains.

“Astonishingly, women seem to be able to pick this up through sense of smell, especially at ovulation, if they are not on hormonal contraceptives.” If you’re looking for a few good reasons why she should have sex with you, there are countless ways in which you can emphasize that “getting busy” would be a wise move for her health.

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