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She was very interested in acting and modeling since she was 2 years old.

The singer-actress admitted to her audience that she's very tired at the same time felt empty although the concert tickets were sold out.

She said that she did not expect the consequences of her fame -- all the pressure to always look good, be perfect and a role model to everyone.

Malina Weissman made her film debut portraying as young April O'Neil in a movie named .

Talking about her personal life, Malina Weissman is just 14 years old and currently single.

She has also appeared in tv commercials for various brands such as Maybelline, My Little Pony, ACT Mouthwash.

Moreover, Weissman is also seen in the film "Thirsty", portraying the role of Rebecca Brand in the comedy film Nine Lives, starring Kevin Spacey and Jennifer Garner.

However, the popstar was not able to achieve a flawless performance at Las Vegas where she needs to pause few times to breath and compose herself.

The daughter and the rest of Fogazza's family have been living in a secret location under police protection while he co-operates with the prosecutors as they attempt to bring down the 'boss of bosses' in the Italian mafia scene.

Being a superstar is not the answer to everlasting happiness and Sarah Geronimo is one of those big stars who can attest to that.

On her latest concert, Sarah Geronimo shares how low she's feeling despite having a jam-packed concert.

Since welcoming his fraternal twin sons in 2008, Ricky Martin has been livin’ la vida of fatherhood — and loving every second.

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