Elderly match dating

Both Our Time and provide excellent opportunities for older adults.Without using a dating website, they may never meet suitable partners (Mc Intosh, Locker, Briley, Ryan, & Scott, 2011).

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There is a common misconception about the population of older adults in America.

Users can then find matches based on their unique interests.

does have one major downfall when it comes to dating for older adults, the age range categories are not very specific.

Younger adults looking for a relationship have different outcome goals than older adults have.

Younger adult males seek a mate based on their reproductive abilities and attractiveness (Sears-Roberts Alterovitz & Mendelsohn, 2009).

Instead, older adults are mainly concerned with finding companionship.

Older adults have already had opportunities to have children.

This can be off putting for old older adults because they do not feel they are at the same life stage or have the same interests are others in their category (Sears-Roberts Alterovitz & Mendelsohn, 2009).

Our Time is a similar dating website to yet it includes older adults in its mission to helping make relationships.

our website would provide you with some advices such as to older men on how to date younger women and to older women on how to date younger men.

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