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There are options for grading and for accessing pre-recorded meetings.

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Elluminate Live module will enable Moodle to be part of a virtual web based video classroom that includes two-way audio, interactive whiteboard, instant messaging, and moderator tools.

It is a non-standard module and block that requires purchasing a 3rd party service. An instructor or administrator can add an Elluminate Live!

meeting activity within their Moodle course from the 'Add an activity' drop-down list.

The meeting setup is done within Moodle rather than the Elluminate management portal.

For the moment, I just want to use it for small meetings of less than 5 people, but I would like to be able to record the events. It would be nice if a web-conferencing programs also allowed the recording and editing features that you find in Camtasia.

Just check out the youtube video from Sebastian Wagner, he is the developer of Open Meetings! However, If you invest 9 in I actually use Camtasia a lot to create training videos and lectures.

Fee based support for this module will be available in the US through and in Canada through Canada.

As always free support is available from the forums for the module found Here Elluminate users and interested parties should contact a Elluminate representative for installation and support details.

interface and in the participant’s default web browser – a Web Push.

I have also used Camtasia to record someone else's elluminate meeting.

For the whole community, the ideal way to go is probably to keep a free open source version (based on version 4.5) of a Dimdim module up to date and glitch free.

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