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” There is no State or Federal law guaranteeing the right to wear aquatic ties.Assuming the wearing of such ties is not required by your religious beliefs, your only possible cause of action is for breach of the employment contract.He listens politely, and then states, "No, that's not going to work for us.

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For the person’s entire working life, they had proceeded under the assumption that so long as they showed up at work and did a good job, they could not be fired.

Having been fired for what they consider a trivial reason, they assumed there would be recourse through the courts.

No contract can cover every possible contingency, so many of the terms must be implied under a reasonableness standard.

In the context of your employment agreement, even though you never discussed them when you were hired, it would be safe to say that the implied terms of the contract include such items as you will not be required to do anything illegal, that you will show up to work wearing clothes, and your employer will not pay you with old Confederate dollars from the Civil War.

When you are employed by someone else, you are subject to an employment contract.

This is the first concept many people don’t understand.Therefore, you and your attorney must first determine what are the terms of your contract regarding termination.So, right now, pull out a piece of paper and write down all the express and implied terms of your employment contract regarding termination. Of all the people that call our office, 98% cannot list any terms of the contract that would prevent the employer from terminating them on a whim.When we explain this to people, we often get stunned silence.It is so contrary to what they believe, they are certain we must be mistaken.This site is devoted to explaining this important legal concept.

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