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The NYC Pride celebrations continue this week, leading up to the march on Sunday.

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The show staff is staying tight-lipped about any other details.

You can also expect to see Jason George, who you might have already known was leaving the main series for the Grey’s Anatomy spinoff. ) Then you can expect a full firehouse full of differing personalities, from Grey Damon’s charismatic but impulsive Lt.

He was selected to be a grand marshal in recognition of his successful use of the internet to raise awareness among China’s gay community and of his passion for L.

At the time, the Chinese media would report that gay people carried diseases and needed psychological treatment,” Mr. “My parents didn’t know, and they still think being gay is a disease.”Afraid to talk about his sexuality with others, Mr. He said his discovery of more positive depictions in Western culture led him to create, a website intended to let gay Chinese citizens talk freely with each other.

For die-hard Grey’s fans, it might feel like ages, but even in context of typical small screen seasons, the Grey’s Anatomy spinoff is rapidly approaching.

You’ll be able to catch the first episode of the (still unnamed) Grey’s Anatomy spinoff in March 2018.

Yes, that’s right, you’re getting even more from Shonda Rhimes.

This currently unnamed Grey’s Anatomy spinoff will be second dreamed up by the master herself off of her wildly popular medical drama.

Although Private Practice, which starred Kate Walsh’s character Addison Shepherd, ended after a six season-run, the main series did just sign Ellen Pompeo for another couple seasons.

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