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To be clear, it is possible to be overly chatty or inappropriately flirty at work.

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We’ve been working together for a year now, and I feel like if that kind of thing were going to develop, it would have by now.

Moreover, it’s not like I’m starting my career here.

It’s a work-study job to help pay my tuition, and there’s no room for advancement. Brenda seems determined to “mother” me, but I’m 24 years old.

Even my own mother doesn’t pry into my life to this extent.

I’m inclined to believe him, because he’s a very direct and sometimes brutally honest person.

I’ve never made any romantic overtures toward Chris, nor he to me.She told me that the way I’m mooning over Chris is inappropriate.She asked if I thought it would be professional if she started texting the dean of her department, and brought up the “suggestive” way I’d been sitting next to him in his office the other day (I pulled up a chair because he wanted me to watch a video on his computer).Everyone’s “offices” (cubicles) are close together and open, so there’s a lot of conversation back and forth, and no real secrets.Last fall, Brenda pulled me out into the hallway for a lecture after she observed me “flirting” (having a conversation about movies) with a grad student who she knows is married.She told me that if Chris and I were friends outside of the office, it would be okay, but because we’re not, I shouldn’t be trying to be friendly with him at work.

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