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The only exception to this rule is if she specifically asks for your support or help.

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Before you start dating a single mom or explore taking this relationship to the next level, set the stage for success with these 9 tips.

Her time is limited, and much of her energy goes toward taking care of her kids.

Single moms are so busy that they pretty much can only connect on a certain set schedule — when they don't have their kids.

At least this is true for when you first start dating. You basically have the best parts of both worlds: the girlfriend and the flexibility of being single.

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You can be sure that when you are raiding her kitchen, you will once again experience the glory of childhood.

No, not like the girl who claims to be independent and then ends up being clingy as hell.

Never attempt to handle the issue yourself without discussing it with her first.

If there’s tension with her ex, let your girlfriend handle it.

For a long time, that deal breaker for me was dating a single mom.

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