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It turned out to be more than friends until they moved to another state.

Anyway its pretty hard to ass/ u/ me you think you have the right facts and numbers when new ones come and old ones go all the time. I find myself thinking about the folks I chat with, & even tho I have only met 1 person personally, I can picture all the rest clearly! 10 Inch Cock My 1st experience was a 10 inch cock found on a chat line, only to discover I could deep throat all 10 inches without gaging...

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Nessa Charlie, as Blu, Freaky, & Chilly so aptly put it, this site is not about embarrasing people, but rather making them feel comfy! From time-to-time, a bad apple may appear in chat but the Mods R quick to weed them out. Please join us in chat & do not feel like an outsider. But the hard part was the realization that I really loved it!

I found 4 others, not 10, but 1 was 9 and the other 3 were 9.5 uncut and black.

we are fun and loving couple, we have been together now 9 years. A philly native who works as a freelance barber/hairstylist.

so have a wonderful day and hope to see you in the chat room I am a 38 year old post-op female( meaning I've had "da surgery") who lives in the NYC area.

Welcome to our fully moderated Teens Chat room without any registration, without any e-mail verification and without any download.

Its completely free chat site, just use a nick name and join in to our Teen’s Chat within few seconds.

we have made some new friends here, and hope to make plenty more.

for any one that reads this and has any questions about us or this wonderful site, feel free to ask, by the way of IM, or site e-mail, or when we are in the chat rooms.

I found it very annoying to have it come up on every line.

If you could have it so you could double click on a line, and have the button on the bottom of the chat window to complain. Numbers and charts mean nothing when you are dealing with peoples likes and dislikes.

There are an array of subjects that get my attention but generally it involves the things I shouldn't be doing. I believe in love and all that comes with it and that there is always someone special for like to go to the on line pages to see whos on line and whos in chat.

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