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Trees hunched over the path as darkness seemed to watch his every step.The high stems swayed in the breeze and sucked every photon of light from the ever blackening sky.

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She had several piercings and wanted to get a tattoo when she was eighteen. I did everything I had been advised to do by all of the organizations out there attempting to help stem the joblessness in our economy.

I joined self-help groups, resume writing seminars, you name it.

“Escaped convict, the black widow, strikes again, so far five dead.” David looked up at the screen of his television. This woman kills for pleasure, do not be her next victim.” David laughed, he loved a good horror story and all this scaremongering... Celeste stared through the statue’s eyes at the crumbling red brick below. And her eyes — damn, those eyes — they twinkled when she looked at him that way. The way the light flickered and played off the curve of her jaw stoked a wave of desire in him. Read On Added: | Category: Horror | Avg Score: 5 | Words: 884 | Tags: bondage sex straight sex sexy demon | 2 Comments More strange things happen to Eve at the Wiccan event.

The picture of a dark, attractive woman was on the screen. Read On Added: | Category: Horror | Avg Score: 4.6 | Words: 1,575 | Tags: horror serial killer pickup pegging rough femdom murder | 5 Comments Tonight is the night. Spanish moss clumped at her cracked toes, early morning fog saturating what she could see of the air in her peripheral vision. Read On Added: | Category: Horror | Avg Score: 4.89 | Words: 1,916 | Tags: curse transition desire fuck mf | 27 Comments Be careful what you promise in the afterglow of sex. This woman who’d stolen his heart could awaken his body with only a wink. I decided to wander around the grounds again and see if I could spot Lina, or get any information on Eloc.1642 If only the ship would have been dashed on the rocks of Saybrook Colony.Perhaps the virus of the vampire would have never reached the innocent shores of what is now Connecticut.The crate, innocent enough, at first sight, was offloaded and among all the other goods and left for its owner to pick it up."I was just wild about King 'Arry and he shipped me off ter sea, in delligate...As I got closer, I could see that she was wearing boots and a blue jean vest, she seemed to be about twenty-one, her head was tilted back. Read On Added: | Category: Horror | Words: 721 | Tags: vampire young girl hitchhiker | 16 Comments Danielle Howe was different than most teenagers.

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