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You would think it would be easy with them being everywhere but trying to get a good view without making it obvious is nigh on impossible so you spend ages trying hard not to get caught so cannot enjoy the sight at all.

This is where a live nail fetish webcam site comes into its own.

Be it bitten down with their teeth or cut short with scissors, they can show them and let you have your fill of them.

Some guys like fancy designs and these women can supply that as well.

Taking care with every stroke, they can brush the polish on while you gaze on, slowly stroking your dick.

Each line slowly put on till their nail is covered, done especially for you.

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Say what you feel because there are no limits on you entertain yourself at the most fun chat line anywhere.

Many unique designs can be satisfied and these ladies will do their utmost to make sure you get what you want.

They can paint them or use false nails to give the effect.

Maybe you like to hear the “click, clack, clack” as she taps them together?

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