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Greek Girls are generally known with their brunette beauties in Europe. They have good and nice looking and they are very kind women.

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But all of a sudden, the lady uncovers five large statues. Some are engaged in oral sex, others in anal, and three are posed with their dicks sticking up and out. But as I did it, I couldn't help but touch myself, rubbing my pantied ass and smooth legs, and then into my panties, gently rubbing my balls and my hard, hard little tiny dick. Then all of a sudden the lady ordered me to stand up and sit on the dick that I've been sucking. The big man statue is positioned with his legs slightly bent, so that his dick is lower than normal. Then the lady told my wife to go over and suck the other statue with the huge erection..must have been eleven inches long and very fat. She put her mouth on the big dick and slopped all over it. The lady tells her to say how much she wants the big wood inside her. Then she opens her eyes and looks at me and mouths to me "I'm sorry. She very calmly whispers, "I'm coming now", she says, never quickening her pace at all. She looked at me and said, "You have such a tiny dick and I see that really you like men anyway. I need this dick, this real man's dick." The lady started laughing and repeated, "Yes, we have a sissy husband, a little faggot here and his wife who has been deprived, so keep fucking that statue little sissy husband you little faggot." As she says that my wife looks over at me and laughs as she puts her head back and has another orgasm. I start cumming all over myself with the big dick inside me. My wife is watching as I'm now bucking all over the big dick with my cum is all over myself. The lady pushed my head down on to my dick to make me suck myself off. I especially love being called all the names that describe my desires and actions.

She keeps on like this forever it seemed, while I sheepishly hung my head in embarrassment. " My wife freaked out and gave me a stare of death and humiliation..."What have you done!? Once I got my clothes off, my wee wee is shrunk and feeble..hairless of course (much to my wife's dislike). The lady pointed that out to my wife, who yelled, "Oh my gosh, what is wrong with you? The panties slid over my hard dick, and I was so turned on I couldn't think straight. I felt so humiliated, as my wife watched me fondle a dick statue. The lady orders me to put my foot on the man's thigh, so that my hole is more exposed. I'm slobbering all over the dick, fingering my little sissy hole, trying to hear what my wife and the lady are saying, laughing, pointing, and videoing me. ", looking at my wife who's hanging her head down in shame and affirmation. Tell him how you've always wanted a big one inside you." My wife confirmed it with a nod as she teared up. I was humping up and down on the hard dick, with my wee wee bouncing all over the place while my wife watched me in with a smirk of disgust. She strips naked and turns around to the big dick sticking out, not straight up but out, and she flips over without being told to and slides herself on the huge manhood. She starts to moan, while all the time her eyes are closed. But I feel this all the way up in me it's touching me all over inside." Then she bites her own lip and tilts her head back, and continues humping very slowly, quivering all over. I lost all sense of manhood during those days and nights and would do anything for a cock.

I tried to act like I was looking at the women statues.

You like seeing the big hard dicks on the real men, don't you? I wanted to grab the wooden body and rub him all over. My feet are not touching the ground because my legs are resting on his bent legs.

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The feeling was so hot and feverish that I couldn't stop. I turned around so that I could face the giant statue, and then i sat back down on the man pole. I fondled his balls for a while and then reached around and grabbed his huge ass and started rubbing him like he was a real person. To have a real man's dick come all the way inside me." It was so hot. And I get tired bent over like that so I lift my head up to take a breath.

She laughs again and says, "Wow what is everyone going to think? I married a faggot with a sissy dick." And then she stops talking long enough to buck frantically, and cums again for about the sixth time. So I'm just rocking back and forth feeling him all the way inside me--the big wooden dick of a Greek man all the way in me. The lady was taking video and pictures of me telling me I'm a sissy faggy. I'm totally spent and have cummed all over and in myself.

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