Homestar runner no longer updating

Fans of Homestar Runner, take heart: the seminal internet cartoon that found a major audience in the 2000s is primed for a full comeback.

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Perhaps the most famous of the Flash cartoons would be the series from Mike and Matt Chapman, which launched in 2000.

The website was (is) entirely based in Flash and featured episodes starring original characters, including a character named Strong Bad who would humorously answer emails.

"It depends on how whole-hog we go — if we give Strong Bad a Twitter account or Strong Sad a Tumblr or something like that as part of a relaunch," he said.

"That’s all stuff we’d have to feel out." The April Fool's cartoon was more of a nostalgia trip through the site than anything that hinted at a future direction, so we'll have to wait and see exactly what kind of lappy Strong Bad is rocking when he makes his long-awaited return.

This means that a) it's one of the few web series that people can actually feel nostalgic for and b) many of the people who watched this program as high school or college students now might have children of their own.

Fortunately, the childlike whimsy of the program is perfect to share with kids.

Fans fell in love with the dim-witted-but-loveable Homestar Runner, the nefarious Strong Bad, and the rest of the characters in Homestar’s colorful, goofy world.

Homestar Runner has maintained a strong fan base since its last update, with viewers reliving their favorite ‘toons and Strong Bad E-mails through the site’s old video portal (It also has an established You Tube presence.) Despite continued adoration, it seemed as if Homestar would never run again.

(Though, actually, if you are going to explain Homestar Runner to a small child, maybe leave out the parts about "unrestrained id" and "surrealism." Your 4-year-old is unlikely to be familiar with these concepts, as you surely know.) First, however, some techno music, courtesy of Strong Bad.

It may be April Fools Day, but this story is no joke: Homestar Runner is back.

As announced by co-writer Matt Chapman himself on The Jeff Rubin Jeff Rubin Show podcast, popular character Homestar Runner and all his pals are returning to star in more internet video things, most likely starting in the fall.

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