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A typical London garden flat with a tiny garden area with a Southerly aspect surrounded by low brick walls.My client was very interested in Eastern art and culture; the walls of the flat were decorated with reproductions of Mughal miniatures.

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Water flows into the rill from a square water tank, via a pair of black steel spouts, and then spills into a lower pool (of the same dimensions) via a third spout.

The quadrants are bounded on two sides by formal borders planted with Phormiums, Agapanthus and Verbenas, edged with Lavander.

I used themes that can still be seen in some of the great preserved villa gardens of Italy: strong central axies, and a layout based on nested squares and circles.

Materials are also sympathetic to the context of the building (essential in this case, where Listed building consent had to be obtained before the project could proceed): natural sandstone paving in mixed sizes; handmade red bricks specially made to match the slim tudor bricks of the house; green oak for the pergola.

Despite its many fascinating qualities, the house was essentially inward looking, and the clients asked me to create a pair of linked "outdoor rooms" for them to use to lounge in the sun or dine in the shade.

For design inspiration I turned to the dominant western aesthetic for the period during which much of the constuction of the house took place: the Renaissance.

Irrigation pipes and low voltage light cables were also ducted straight up into the planters via the drain-pipes.

Again, when sourcing a glass balustrade system to replace the wrought iron railings, I specified "self-cleaning glass" for reduced maintenance.

The sound of running water, and an element of pebblework were specific requests (they loved Moorish gardens).

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