Information about dating a herpes carrier are zac and ashley dating

Unfortunately, you can't make anyone have sex with you, and while you deserve a good sex life, you can't make it be with him.The best thing to do is give him as MUCH time as he needs to process it and decide what HE wants when it comes to a relationship with you.

Perhaps not all the research is accurate and consistent, but it is best to share the information that is available to us, and that comes from the most reliable sources.

Sorry that happened to you, unfortunately it might make some people uncomfortable but if it helps it can be managed and you might find someone else who is ok with that.

From how defensive you are reacting it sounds like you have an STD and are upset about it. Yeah, it is hard considering the image it gets and the perceptions people have from simply clicking typing in herpes on google.

As a person without an STD, I would be extremely anxious to find out that a person I was dating had one and I would most likely cut it off. Contracting a lifetime disease is not how I show my affection. Among the communities of people who have herpes, it is recommended to share statistics and research that is scientific.

Perhaps I was too hopeful after reading some personal stories about people who brought it up and their partners made it seem like something unimportant and ok.

You need to understand that he is trying to decide it you are worth the huge risk he is taking if he decided to take things further.

Getting tested is a very personal decision, and that DOES have to be on his timetable. Maybe he doesn't see a need to for him to be tested unless he first makes a decision.

Still, its his business and only his, that's his reproductive health.

Leave the space open for questions, but don't demand he ask them.

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