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November 1st marks the 50th anniversary of the first time a goalie, Jacques Plante, wore a mask in an NHL game.Not quite the same as Willie O’Ree breaking the NHL’s color barrier, or even the addition of the forward pass – a rule cursed by goalies ever since – but a landmark event in hockey history.

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Plante went on to revolutionize the mask from his original solid fiberglass cutout to the version worn by many pros in the 70’s.

Along the way Doug Favell painted his mask for Halloween and in the process an art form was born.

I watched, listened, played, read, illustrated (horribly) and daydreamed about most of them.

This includes the "Battle of the Network Stars" and "The Superstars" competition, which I took just as seriously as the Super Bowl and the Stanley Cup finals. I didn't realize it during my youth, but I was, and still am, enraptured by the marrow of competition, as well as acts of striving, achieving, overcoming, bonding and celebrating.

Then again, these were goalies, viewed by some with the scorn and suspicion of an NFL kicker.

I guess the whole paint-my-mask-like-a-growling-tiger thing slipped through the "there is no 'I' in team" cracks in the ice. whatever." Today's subtle and somewhat cookie-cutter goalie masks with their limited space don't approach the mysteriousness and original art-room charm and appeal of those original face protectors.It's why my eyes get wet at the end of "The Natural" and "Searching For Bobby Fischer." Looking back, the NHL was, without question, the most theatrical of the athletic bunch.The old arenas were like Sunday cathedrals with their emotive images of blood, sweat and tears accompanied by the intimidating sound track of a haunting organ.It’s only three colors and it’s so well rendered I think it must be one of my top ten favorites.Look at the way the mantel cascades down from the knight’s helmet and curls around the sides of the mask. They gave NHL goalies an eerie and creepy look of mystery. The goalie mask remains the most unique piece of equipment in the history of team sports. For an adult in the 1970s, perhaps an "Eyes Wide Shut" reaction.

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