Intimidating voters

To attract learners, the description should emphasize the benefits to the learner coming from either the results of attending the course or from the value of the subject matter itself. Learners are interested in themselves and in the content of the course, not in the course itself or the teacher, although highlighting the qualifications of a skilled instructor can help sell your course.

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Wednesday afternoon, after talking with law enforcement, Loetscher's campaign released the full audio from the voicemail.

The sparring and mudslinging over a voicemail message came to light on Monday at a debate.

We're talking about the voice mail message Sioux Falls mayoral candidate Paul Ten Haken left on campaign opponent Jolene Loetscher's cell phone last month.

KELOLAND News listened to the message Tuesday afternoon; at the time, we were only allowed to release the part that Ten Haken has already talked about publicly.

He hopes that it would serve as a mirror to help you understand and appreciate your own culture better.

Lee is a perennial student of learning.” (Teacher, not course, oriented) “Bring your own lunch, spend a relaxed hour with some great ideas, great thinkers and excellent presenters.” (Too casual) “Bring your own stories.

For idea classes such as interpersonal relations and social issues catchy titles will attract the reader, turning an average or dull topic into an interesting one. “Stained Glass” (simple) “101 Uses for a Dead Poet” (catchy) Logistics include the teacher’s name, class location, day, length, cost, material fees, course number and other adjunct information.

The course sponsor normally provides this information, although you should be aware of all information pertinent to your class.

Many course descriptions are poorly written because they are: Here are some poor course description sentences.

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