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Nicholas Said, formerly enslaved to an Arab master, came to the United States in 1860 and found a teaching job in Detroit.In 1863, Said enlisted in the 55th Massachusetts Colored Regiment in the United States Army and rose to the rank of sergeant.Croxton at his headquarters in Tuscaloosa asking permission to save the Rotunda, but the general refused to allow this.

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On the morning of April 4, 1865, when Federal troops reached the campus with an order to destroy the university, Andre Deloffre, a modern language professor and custodian of the library, appealed to the commanding officer to spare one of the finest libraries in the South.

The officer, being sympathetic, sent a courier to Gen.

Native-born American Muslims are mainly African Americans who make up about a quarter of the total Muslim population.

Many of these have converted to Islam during the last seventy years.

He also suggests many non-Muslim slaves were acquainted with some tenets of Islam, due to Muslim trading and proselytizing activities.

Some newly arrived Muslim slaves assembled for communal salat (prayers).

Among the recorded names of American soldiers are "Yusuf ben Ali" (a member of the Turks of South Carolina community), "Bampett Muhamed" He maintained several correspondences with President George Washington.

On December 9, 1805, President Thomas Jefferson hosted an Iftar dinner at the White House for his guest Sidi Soliman Mellimelli, an envoy from Tunis.

Known as the Bilali Document, it is currently housed at the University of Georgia in Athens.

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