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Here are today’s questions followed by the answers so you can play along: 1. In Top Gun, Tom Crusie stars as Navy fighter pilot Lt. With inflation, that ring would cost just over $49 today.

David Boreanez stars as Master Chief Special Warfare Operator Jason Hayes in the CBS series Seal Team. We will have another fun fact for you tomorrow at .

25% of people say they argue with their grade school kids about this. Clues: FOOD and SCHOOL Answer: lunch Way to go Laurie! President Carter was denied the privilege of being his class valedictorian because he played hooky and went to see a movie! We will continue the countdown to the end of the school year with another fun fact tomorrow at .

The big story of the day is the cancelling of the biggest show on tv, Roseanne, after she tweeted racist comments earlier today.

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We will select this week’s honoree tomorrow and the chosen person will be announced on Friday at .This has been named the #1 city for Americans to travel to for Memorial Day weekend. Clues: FLORIDA and MICKEY Answer: Orlando Congrats to Emily for getting the answer right today! Today’s edition of Austin’s Presidential Fun Facts featured the 37th President of the United States Richard Nixon. Some of them include Gloomy Gus, Iron Butt, Mad Monk, and Tricky Dickey. – KOZ and Jen Today is the final day to submit nominees for this week’s Koz and Jen’s Everyday Hero.We will resume the fun facts after the memorial day weekend! Today’s Lack of Intelligence Report took place a little too close to home in Niles. Our very first honoree will be saluted tomorrow at !experience -- including whether she regrets leaking Sebastian Noel and Donathan Hurley's extra-vote plan to take out Domenick Abbate, and what frustrates her about the editing this season.We are still taking submissions for this week’s Koz and Jen’s Everyday Hero!Captain is inspirational, makes our school a welcoming place where staff and students look forward to working and learning.” Congratulations Captain Tippett!

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