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Attorney David Beale has helped in all aspects of legal matters for my stores.

From filing corporate paperwork to lease negotiations to handling the closing of business transactions.

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Several months ago, after my mother passed away I consulted David about her estate and what we needed to do. While other attorneys are difficult to get on the phone, and always involve a return call, our experience with David has been remarkable.

He has been working with my brother and I on all the probate-related documents, and has made the process easy for us during a very difficult time... David answers all emails and calls promptly; in fact we had a legal issue come up while David was on Vacation abroad.

Bring some romance to your relationship by planning a date at one of Tallahassee's best romantic date destinations.

From the symphony to moonlit strolls, the opportunities to get a little closer present themselves to you in this guide to romance in Tallahassee.

Address: 3540 Thomasville Rd., Tallahassee, Florida 32309 - MAP Phone: (850) 487-4556 Web: your chéri to A La Provence fine dining restaurant to enjoy fine French Classic and Euro- American cuisine.

Enjoy the rich décor, elegant and intimate atmosphere, and sumptuous menu.

David not only answered his cell phone to discuss our issue, but had a letter drafted and emailed to us that evening to send out to address the issue head on.

Additionally he followed up with us during his Vacation!!! I feel that David is one of the best attorneys in South Florida.

Enjoy the sounds of a fully professional symphony orchestra that performs at the magnificent Ruby Diamond Auditorium at Florida State University.

Address: 1020 E Lafayette St # 207 Tallahassee, FL 32301 - MAP Phone: (850) 224-0461 Web: love bloom at the Alfred B. Sweethearts stroll along the park's romantic, picturesque brick walkway to discover a hidden garden, see a reflective pool, and hundreds of stunning floral blooms.

David worked with our company to revise each of our agreements. Regarding the Florida Statutes, David wrote the necessary regulatory changes and assisted PCA in Tallahassee at the statehouse...

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