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Either way, playing upon the fact that the other person is already interested in you is almost always effective. I would plan my supermarket ventures in the early evening (after work) or on a Saturday in the late morning to early afternoon time frame. s easy to understand how the ratios of single people are going to be better then.

Be sure to laugh (or at least smile) after you say this so as to make it perfectly clear you are kidding. s impossible to meet people during the day on Tuesday, but the odds aren?

Books and sketch pads provide an instant opening for conversation, and a pleasant conversation could be precisely the sort of distraction that the women there would welcome.

Another easy opening into talking to a woman: ask her to guard your laptop while you go for a refill.

Anyone who’s at a coffee shop past the morning rush is likely to be there for a long haul, which nicely eliminates any time constraints you may encounter when you’re out meeting people.

The relaxed atmosphere can play to your advantage; it’s easier to start a conversation with someone who’s just hanging out than someone who’s clearly on their way to something.

And, crucially, the women I met there were rarely the sort of women I actually liked for longer than it took to recover from the hangover the next day. Well, if you want to go fishing, you gotta go where the fish are. The key words to keep in mind are “calm”, “friendly” and “low key”. So without further ado, my top 5 places to meet women: One of the keys to becoming better with women is to be an interesting person. Most colleges and universities will allow people to audit classes for a fee. You should be spending time in the gym in the first place, really. To start with, most gyms these days have classes; yoga, pilates, martial arts, spinning…

One of the best ways to become interesting is to lead an active life and collect new experiences. Many others have continuing adult education programs. Beyond the obvious benefits to weight management and self-image, exercise helps clear the mind, kick starts the endorphins and builds endurance and confidence. the majority of people attending these classes tend to be women.

Step Six: Continue conversation with intrigued new friend. This is really a variation on the second bullet point above, but I want to make sure everyone understands how virtually foolproof it is to start a conversation.

Step Five: Respond by briefly describing some creative use you might have for it.

Women seem to be entranced by that sort of thing, and to have a guy actually start a conversation about it really is irresistible to a woman. t completely rule out flirting with the one who is behind the register, either. s joys for me is when a woman at a cash register asks me for my credit card or (God help her) my phone number.

For some odd reason, this is like magic when performed by a guy.

One of the ways to do is to expose yourself to new concepts. Hell, some higher end grocery stores teach classes in culinary knife skills, making sushi rolls and cooking Southwestern cuisine. Good for your career, not as much for meeting women, unfortunately. Being the new guy in class gives you an instant topic of conversation and commonalities, easing the introductions.

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