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Employees may not use Company resources or coercive solicitations to further their own personal political activities." Newsweek forbids donations, generally. Depending on the particular circumstances, including an employee's or freelancer's specific role or responsibility." The New York Times forbids donations.

"We have an expectation that Newsweek journalists will not make any contributions to political campaigns," said spokeswoman Jan Angilella. "Staff members of The Times are family members and responsible citizens as well as journalists.

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Maybe it was just his first time watching, but the news desk banter doesn't seem to justify the President's personal and petty response.

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And there are many guides online to help you figure it out, but none is in that mush details.Mika Brzezinski took plenty of jabs at President Trump Thursday on "Morning Joe" ...and it appears this is what sparked his Twitter attack.But even in the best of causes, Times staff members have a duty to avoid the appearance of a conflict."Journalists have no place on the playing fields of politics.They may not wear campaign buttons or themselves display any other insignia of partisan politics.

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