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There will people who you simply aren’t compatible with or who aren’t going to like you no matter what you do.

hot that maybe you’re willing to overlook it and see if that whole “only one head” rule you have is a deal-breaker or more of a guideline really.

The ones who can take a “no, thanks” with a smile and a nod and move on?

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Dating is a holistic experience; it’s something that encompasses your entire life, not just one sliver of it.

Problems in your everyday life will be reflected in your dating life and issues in your dating life will affect your day to day existence, setting up a self-perpetuating loop of frustration.

Everything’s too hard, or too arbitrary or too Can’t imagine why they don’t have women lined up around the block, huh?

Dating is about 10% looks, 20% skill and 70% attitude.

Now, I already hear the cynics among you saying “yes, and it gives you more opportunities to be shot down.” Which is true. In the case of the former, you can learn from it; failure is how you refine your approach.

But part of making dating easier means that you have to… In the case of the latter, then all that’s happened is that you’ve confirmed that it wouldn’t have worked in the first place.

No matter how hot somebody is, nobody is going to put up with their shit for very long if all they do is moan and cry and complain. On the surface, it feels like you’re throwing yourself into it, as though you were trying to train like an Olympic athlete.

Don’t get me wrong: nobody is saying you can’t be frustrated or confused or upset or that you have to be a complete Pollyanna in order to make dating easier. Despite focusing their entire lives on the subject of getting laid like an especially horny laser, all they think about… But what you end up doing is retarding your own progress. In fact, when you’re putting your entire focus on your dating life (or lack thereof) then you’re actually doing yourself a massive disservice. Just trust me for a second, I promise this will be relevant. Stand up, walk into the next room, then turn around and walk back…

And often, your getting rejected That’s just life, and either you can get up and try again or you can just lay there and bleed.

Here’s a secret though: the guys who can handle rejection with grace?

The better you can handle rejection, the easier dating will be for you. Give him a moment and he’ll talk your ear off about how life sucks and everything’s unfair, how women are cruel because they won’t give him a chance and it’s all about those 20% of guys who get to fuck 80% of the women and everyone else is just screwed man.

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