Norton antivirus 2016 not updating

Once you have installed Super Shield you will see a Shield in your Windows system tray.

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This review is for 4.8 stable version Every antivirus has its cons and pros, but when you get antivirus for free you cant really complain things like user interface if it can do what you want. So f-secure was just taking my computers juice for nothing...

One of my favorite features is avast screensaver which scans your hd:s when computer is on screensaver.

I also like that you can set what folders you want scanned instead of some programs that just does a can of your entire harddrive. A 40gb and then a 400gb and don't need every folder to be scanned. Also although this program has a low cpu and memory footprint, it does have about 5 processes running in the background.

So I like I can choose which folders not to be scanned. So it is really a robust system for a free edition. Again yes this program doesn't use up alot of resources I still don't like that many processes from one program running in the background.

Avast includes standard resident protection, P2P and IM shields, network shield (against worms etc.), web shield (http traffic monitoring), automatic updates, virus chest and virus cleaner.

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When i first started to use avast, norton or f-secure didnt have this feature.

This means avast wont use your hard drive more than it needs thus making your computer usage alot faster compared to situation when antivirus needs to scan your hard drive when you use it (unless you have good ssd). q=avast remover) is one possible solution (and many more, too): avast!

I have installed avast to more than 6 computers and only one had troubles, but those were hardware related problems (adaptec raid card didnt work well with motherboard). uninstall utility, downloaded this software and it nearly destroyed my computer .

I give 4 because they didnt give me any real support, even if your software is freeware you should at least be intrested what is wrong with it.healthym, ANTO, just because you seem to be computer illiterate - is no reason to give it a low rating (the lowest, in fact). I SLOWED it down completely and it took several hours to remove it Even after removing it my computer is still not right SO BE WARNED ANTOOk this is a decent antivirus program. So that means that I have a single processor that many anti-virus programs just eat up cpu cycles and pushes it to 100% usage easily. With Avast I haven't seen it go beyond 79% and that is while having firefox 3 up with 3 tabs, one of them being a flash heavy tab.

None of my kids PC has been infected and by the windows home server I am aware when they have downloaded a infected files on their computer in some case it is not an infected i.e.

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