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it's pretrty damn adorable, he puts alot of emotion into his acting.

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Haruma Miura born on April 5, 1990, just north-east of Tokyo, in Ibaraki Prefecture is an actor and singer in Japan. I hope the development team, choice the right cast for SNK Live action. I didn't fall for him, I just think he's a good actor. he's more than 15 our of 10 hehehe way over the top!

Haruma Miura was enrolled in Tsukba Actor's studio as a child and made his debut at the age of seven on the NHK television drama "Agri". they must be very stict to find the cast, i hope it so. Huruma I love your acting in the Last Cinderella, you and Shinohara Ryoko make me laugh so much, I have been watching the Last Cinderella 5 times already, and I can't get enough of you too. The possibilities: Miura likes older women and fanboys Morning Musume!

I wish him the best for the year that is coming up and the years after that also. I also watched l Last Cinderella, I learned all the important things from you and Samurai high school. Was nice to watch Haruma in Samurai high after last Cinderella . So, this prompted me to spend money on my new found joy.... their nose widens when they smile XD Recently i've watched a lot of Miura's dramas and movies. He is really versatile and has played diverse role. ;) ;) HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE u look sooo hot in koizora i luv ur hairstyle nd ur smile rocks nd ur eyes r sooo beautiful wish to see u in real life too ;) I only watched Koizora with him, but it was definitely worth it! I don't usually fall for cute guys, but this one is something special. the story of 'sky of love' was very common to the other movie that i had watched, but the difference between them was, this truly touches the bottom of our heart, and that's because, all the cast had played their character very well.. I took a pic of u smiling coldly at Genji & showed it to my classmates.. p/s: sorry if i sound like a bitch or my english is broken Haruma Miura, you are a great actor, i cant go wrong there....

Much Love from a Peruvian Fan that lives In the USA!! I bought "The Last Cinderella" and much to my delight, I have become a forever patient (FAN)...I say patient because, it's something healing about the way you act...just made me feel so happy watching. Sorry to hear he's so young *sigh* But nothing can stop me from dreaming =P Haruma Miura... I was completely in awe of all the cast of 'sky of love' especially, hiro and mika... :) hey everyone i think miura haruma is a sweet talentive person i think his acting is real great and everyone he does have wonderful smile oh my goodness i can just take it and snatch it off of him, just kiddin he is cute for one i admirer him dearly so. i watch u for the 1st time in Crows Zero II & i like ya hair.. i hope you can read this but i think i fell in love with you, but i dont think i deserve to fall for you and its not because you are adorable, cute, handsome or even your smile, but its because you are you and the way you express your feeling through your acting and singing...

Miura Haruma is a really beautiful guy, hes so natural looking and has lovely eyes. :)) i've seen ALL of his films and i never had this feeling of "CLOYNESS" because his "KAWAii NESS" just melts my heart!!! for my sister mien..i hope you don't jealous for yui aragaki!!!!! Though I think that Haruma shouldn't playing boys who impregnat other teenage girls, i also believe that he is a promising actor. It's not matter of finding the right person but it's matter of being the right person for the one you choose to love. His sweet and sincere appearance will certainly make a mark in the audiences' hearts. I guess he's pretty good looking ( ), but needs to stop making me want to hit him over the head every time I see him in a drama (-) and needs to stop impregnating teenage girls (-). I guess his looks make up for most of that though...

i hope too miura haruma can come to malaysia one day!!!!!!!!! So just go check him out (your on the page already) and prepair to be amazed. When I saw him at Gokusen 3, I felt that I love him.. When loving someone, never regret what you did, only regret what you neverdid. LOL..it.hand is so beautiful and clean and gorgeous...gorgeous for a guy...hhhaha...first japanese actor i fell in lurves with...hahaha..the thing is..he's only 19 years old..huhuhu...i wish i could be younger 3 years... :) he's such a wonderful actor even at such a young age. I wish him success in both his acting and singing career.. Definitely a bright future ahead in the acting world.I have fallen for you and I want to see you more ?? NOW I just can't stop myself watching all your movies and dramas : D. Then second I saw you in "Shingeki no Kyojin: Attack on Titan" and in "Gokusen 3". Cannot wait to see him in Never Let Me Go, but I do think it's time for something romantic and funny again. from Koizora, Kimi ni todoke, Gokusen 3, You Taught Me All the Precious Things, Crow Zero 2 and Attack on Titan. Hope that I'll see you soon once i finished college and have a job haha :-) I just want to say that Haruma Miura and i have the same birthday, just the year is different.. I watched every drama and movie you are in and still watching some that I havent yet watched because seeing you makes my heart beating at a fast pace huhu especially your beautiful smile i cry(;_;)I love you so much that ugh I watched even some of the ints and shows you appeared but I cant understand japanese haha i will make sure to study and learn it so that when i come to Japan to see you, we can easily communicate with each other and laugh huhuhu omg you are such an amazing actor! Keep going, you have a hudge fandom standing behind you : D I just love u so much Harumaa... Babe you better start acting in more dramas and movies, cause I miss you, but play roles in which you aren't going to die or suffer a terrible disease. That smile of yours could stop every girls heartbeat for a second. Marry EMI TAKEI : D hahaha Daisuki Haruma and Emi Konnichiwa Haruma-kun. And jeez, someone update the profile photo, please - it is really old and doesn't do him justice. ♡ (=゚ω゚)ノ You the best oppa hoho And if it is possible can you visit my country Philippines huehue mwah mwah tsup tsup! Ur the best I cant imagine im ur fan from this long time since 2005.! (Kudos to the director also.) You were funny in Samurai High School. Be it drama, comedy, action, you excelled them all. While continuing his acting career in Japanese television dramas, Haruma and two other students formed the boyband Brash Brats. i was glad my brother forced me to watch that live action movie of Shingeki no Kyojin ... :) Will be so great if you guys make part 2, when you too have twin baby. I’m from Russia))))) I love Miura Haruma, he's such a very talented singer and actor! For those who's curious about him dating Morning Musume's leader, Takahashi Ai, is definitely a rumor. After Tsukba Actor's studio closed down, the trio joined one of Japan's biggest talent agencies, Amuse. Then second time I saw you in Attack on Titan as Eren and then every time I think about it, I can't forget the way you smile . I just always want to see you in personal but I know its really impossible. i found this guy and now im stuck to all of his movies and im loving it!! hope he'd notice me somehow(tho it seems so impossible) watching all of your movies and series will be my everyday hobby from now on.. Somes of my friends agree with me, we want to catch you too with baby. I tottaly love the way he acts he's such a good actor and too handsome BTW! you can't always get what you want and in this case you want your BELOVED person 4ever Haruma Miura is an amazing actor i like his roll in the movie "Sky of Love ~ Koizora" i found that roll is the best than ever :) The movie is so beautifully and at the same time so sadly he came there so genuinly forwards into rolls as Hiro I has so often cried when I looked the film because he touched me these whole emotions such a good roll : D I've seen a lot of films but my favorite is "Sky of Love ~ Koizora" the movie is so unbelievable wonderful Haruma Miura is for me the Beste Japanese actor and the beste actor ever :) I think he is really great. I've since gone on to watch other movies, dramas, etc that you appear. He is make me falling in love by first time I saw him at Koizora. He can to be arogant person, and at the same time he can to be a kind person... I like his face, his smile, and the mole on his chin.. i hope one day i do meet you in the future, but you saaw me you would come up with an excuse and then leave... That's the reason why I do not trully love popular starts, even have a dream of meeting them.

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