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Then Eastwood came in for a day and Gordon Green was able to fulfill a childhood dream.“That was great,” he says of Rove’s criticism, though he was surprised by the wider debate it generated.George Clooney bought the rights with a view to starring, but by the time Green was charged with directing, the gender of the lead had been flipped for Bullock’s sake.

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he never was as interested in the pieces as he was in the hole.

The light and the lines interested him much more than the piece, which was simply documentation.

“I don’t take a credit above a movie, like you see with a lot of people: ‘this is a film by so-and-so’.

I think my name would actually be distracting, it’s confusing to people.

He also likes working with star names so as to allow him to fade into the background.

“People think ‘oh you got a big movie so you have the pressure on you’, but it’s great because it becomes our show, rather than my show.” This all fits in with his ethos of seeing films as collaborative processes.

There’s a lot of those guys who just follow their own formula, I guess that they get paid well, but anyone working gets paid well unless you need a fancy car or some shit.” He’s also shot a season of the forthcoming HBO comedy , which he says is “Danny Mc Bride and Walton Goggins and it’s ape-shit crazy in the best possible way”, and he is already working on his next film, which promises to be his most high profile yet.

He’s adapting, Boston marathon bombing survivor Jeff Bauman’s account of life before and after the tragedy, in which he lost both his legs.

“I kind of thought that by Clint saying any of that stuff, that would defuse any of the controversy because when Dirty Harry speaks, people think it’s cool.” His belief that the image of a movie character could overpower the words being said is proof of the cinephile in Green, the director of art house pictures who believes Godard’s maxim that “Cinema is truth, twenty four frames per second”.

Yet the whole episode also taught him a lesson that is a central tenet in was inspired by a 2005 documentary, of the same name, which looked at how American political consultants from the Greenberg, Carville, Shrum consultancy helped Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada get elected in the 2002 Bolivian election by devising a negative campaign rubbishing their opponents.

“It’s the only thing that I’ve ever done that 200 million people have seen.” The idea to use the politically unlikely Eastwood for the advert came late in the day.

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