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If you've ever found yourself saying, "I don't understand women!" then our e-books will finally give you the knowledge you need to finally understand. This is the year for you to get busy and get successful with women!Mostly because their "cheap" nature isn't saving them at all but a few dollars they would already throw away on their morning trip to Starbucks.

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(And from my experience in the field, this number is probably more like 1 in 20.) Let's look at what I call the " He won't admit he's not getting REAL success with women. It's due to the guy thinking he already knows it all with women. To be strong and independent, as most guys are raised to be, we have to have a good, healthy ego.

But when that ego gets in the way of improving the most important area of your life, it's time to put it aside. It is said that the mark of the mature and strong man is his ability to know when he doesn't know it all.

And none of this involves deception and dishonorable behavior. I'm not telling you this to brag; I'm telling you because I want to share this information with the guys who will use it honorably. It's time for you to get what you want in your own life. And if you succeed, you have just increased your personal power - and your attractiveness to women - a hundredfold. Just remember: Every man is self-made, but only the SUCCESSFUL admit it.

When you see how this "Secret" works for you in your life, you'll never be the same. This is the ORIGINAL Alpha Man program that gives you the R. Remember that the most important thing to risk - every day of your life - is to risk learning something new. Is there ANYTHING more important than learning the secrets of how to attract women?

The guys that need the most work in my boot camps and seminars are the men that are holding their true feelings, their true inner power, and their true identity hidden behind a mask of social paralysis.

Social paralysis is what happens to you when you were conditioned to withhold your feelings and personality. You got used to making friends by not risking the exposure of your true identity or personality.

When you're on your way somewhere in life, women will want to come along for the ride.

I'll show you my secret test for understanding the KILLER secret of inner game.

Chances are, you were also shamed into behaviors that kept you from revealing your natural energy. I want you to just think for a minute about who you would be if you could be ANYONE in the world. It's really important that you take a second and resist the urge to keep reading until you've visualized who you would be if you could be anyone in the world. Don't read on until you've taken a second to figure it out. Okay, if you've done what I asked (ahem), then I want you to think about this: If you imagined anyone else but in that exercise, your inner game needs some work.

Guys also hold back on their true personality because they're scared that if they reveal who they really are, they'll ruin any attraction they've built with a woman. This was the secret that took me YEARS to discover, and when I did, I grabbed it and ran with it, and it has made ALL the difference in my success with women.

Let's face it - there's a TON of stuff out there on this topic. It's what I discovered after long YEARS of painful work.

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