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They continue to get screwed by a system that consistently works against them. Elliott was removed were welcomed, but in true ASU form, it comes at a cost to the student not to those who are culpable (see names above) for the situation they're having to overcome.

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Nursing students with JOBS and FAMILIES of their own don't know what their course schedule is until a few days before term.

Students have had to rally for attention, to Svaldi (happily retired), Novotny (still employed), later to Mc Clure (gone, thank goodness), and to Doell (promoted), and for what?

April 28, 2018 at pm The words "love me some ____" is a commonly-used turn of phrase and perfectly acceptable in conversational English. Meagan's post (which she has admitted to making) indicated "I was responsible for the Valley and Texas.

This is the comments section of a website, not a Ph D dissertation or literary work. I will take the compliment anyway." Yes clearly Meagan posting. You are making assumptions about my race/ethnicity, my employer, etc.

The context in which it is included could also be relevant for discussions about a growing lack of confidence in university leadership nationwide.

May 17, 2018 at am @May 15 comments - I agree, congratulations to Dr. It is so true that good things happen to good people! May 16, 2018 at pm The Romero’s are poison to Alamosa and Adams State.

She’s still hanging with the former president (check her FB page). Matt has proven he is no better than his predecessors who put us in this position. And you KEPT the incompetence that continues to plague this institution — including yourself. Your agenda was realized at the expense of good people. This predictor exam is used as other Universities as exit exams but does not determine whether they can receive their degree or not.

But of course, he is going back to be Frankie’s colleague (friend). Students were suspected of cheating in the first predictor exam and the intern president and director of the program promised something would be done to those students and instead are letting them graduate. You’re Not Just Leaving Academe, You’re Leaving Your Students May 11, 2018 at am "Slavery is a system of brute force.

Evil spirits could not dampen his quest to serve students and community. How is Erica, who still does not have a bachelors degree, employeed by ASU? can anyone lend anything to the rumor that Erica Romero’s husband, Jason, is going to be the next baseball coach at ASU? Didn’t the baseball team only win 2 games this year? They need to be run out of town, like the others from Albuquerque! Chris Gilmer, "the new president of West Virginia University at Parkersburg" according to The Parkersburg News and Sentinel.

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