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The Shallow Man continues with his series about our hero, the expat.

They started with a superb meal at Mystique followed by a couple of cocktails in the bar downstairs, which had a nice mixture of locals and expats, good music and a civilised atmosphere.

The expat decided to take his friends to Bar Italia, a popular place in Amsterdam.

For Dutch natives, they often experience Amsterdam initially as students, and then the thought of returning to the backward little village where they were born, makes them break out into a cold sweat, so they stay in Amsterdam.

Others fall in love, or decide to stay in the city as there are many job opportunities available.

The expat had thus far, not made any Dutch friends. The expat had decided that he’d sooner go out and meet local Amsterdammers.

He’d attended several of the many expat events that take place in Amsterdam and realised that they tended to follow a pattern, with the same questions being asked over and over again.“where are you from? The expat, having spent time in Paris, London, Frankfurt and New York was initially shocked at the fashion sense of the typical Amsterdammer on a night out.The first thing that hit them as they walked through the door, was the smell of cigarette smoke.In spite of an anti-smoking law that had been passed years ago in most European countries, it appeared that every second person was smoking.The expats friends were shocked by this, as coming from London and Paris, places that also had anti-smoking laws, but actually enforced them, it was amazing to be in a city in the center of Europe where people quite openly flouted the law.The expat explained that this was typical Amsterdam, and that the Amsterdammer simply ignores laws that they don’t agree with.Dutch women ran around the bars of Amsterdam dressed up as if they were about to rob a gardening center. Tops that looked as if they had just stepped out of a yoga class, or had been laying paving stones for the gemeente.

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