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Some of the original strap benches survive and have been refurbished.

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This type of slatted bench features on many comic postcards, which show unwary sitters getting up from a newly painted bench with fresh paint stripes on their clothing.

Many of the mature trees in our parks are now well over 100 years old and increasingly vulnerable to high winds.

In 2002 the LB Wandsworth introduced a scheme for friends and admirers of the park to sponsor a bench with a plaque as "a lasting and memorable contribution to this much loved and well-used park." LPGT member Jen Ullman was Chief Parks Officer at the time for the LB Wandsworth. We relocated most of the old benches in the park to non-restored areas, contacting the original donors when we had the information. The style was originally location-dependent and cost either £500 or £750, including a plaque.

(Prices has recently been increased to £750 and £1000 to cover inflation costs in manufacture and materials.) "In the first year we took £20,000 in donations, the riverside proving the most popular location.

And, with the popularity of recycling, the new Northala Fields park alongside the A40 in West London has benches are made from gabion baskets of recycled material including crushed concrete from the old Wembley Stadium, topped by hardwood slats for the seats.

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