Speed dating for mentally challenged

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• Click here for FOXNews.com's Personal Technology Center. But relationships were more likely to aggravate her mental problems than improve them.

"I've been single most of my life for that reason," she said.

She now works in several New Mexico schools, from elementary through high school.

"I came in contact with quite a few adults with mental illness in jail," she said.

For me personally I think it a very ill advised thing to base it on a person's IQ number.

There is a difference between an mentally challenged person and someone wtih a learning disability.

i do not use it in the presense of mentally challenged individuals, nor does the way i associate the word have anything to do with putting them down or in reference to them. in regards to this post, why are you so worried about this?

the actual definition of the word has nothing to do with them either.

There are people with learning disabilities that to the rest of the world appear extremely intelligent because they are.

They just have a disability of some form or fashion.

It would make me wonder if that person did not have a need for this to prop up their own self esteem. i gotta bump this again cz i been thinkin lately like what if i were too date someone mentally challenged, im not being funny or anything but i jsut be thinking like would people look at me like im weird or anything, i mean aslong as she can be co-hearent then i dont have a problem with it but mmmmm 'retarded' is and offensive term.

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