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If you’re managing lots of SQL Server instances and want ultimate customization, there is a free version of Minion Reindex. The answers to both of these questions impact what it does to GROUP those rows and SUM the Name Count column.Statistics are small, lightweight objects that describe the distribution of data in a SQL Server table. First Name By Year and you run this query: SQL Server needs to estimate how many rows will come back for First Name Id=74846. Statistics are lightweight little pieces of information that SQL Server keeps on tables and indexes to help the optimizer do a good job. First Name By Year table was freshly created when we ran our query, it would have no column statistics.

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You can either do that inside the GP application itself, or check the SY03300 table, which is probably more efficient and will also check for any typos: select * from ( select 'AARONFIT0001' customer, 'Net 30' terms union select 'ADAMPARK0001' customer, 'Net 30' terms union select 'ADVANCED0001' customer, 'Net 15' terms union select 'ADVANCED0002' customer, 'Net 30' terms union select 'ALTONMAN0001' customer, '2% 10/Net 30' terms union select 'AMERICAN0001' customer, 'Net 45' terms ) a where terms not in (select PYMTRMID from SY03300) Notice that I simply took what I copied into SQL from Excel and made it into a table by putting parentheses around it and adding an alias (a) at the end.

If all is well, the query above should come back with no results.

Something like a request to set the sales tax options for all inventory items to be ‘base on customers’ is pretty straightforward and I am not going to discuss that here.

What is more complicated is the following scenario: update the Payment Terms for each customer based on a list in Excel.

I would like to start by saying that I do not normally advocate updating Dynamics GP data directly in SQL Server.

Most of the things you need to do should be handled either inside the Dynamics GP application or with integration tools like Integration Manager or e Connect.These are not considered ‘user created’ even though our user query was the cause of them being auto-generated.(“User created” means someone ran a CREATE STATISTICS command.) SQL Server can now use the statistic on Gender and the statistic on First Name Id for future queries that run. First Name By Year table has a clustered primary key, and here is the statistic that was created along with that index: If columns are important enough to index, SQL Server assumes that it’s also important to estimate how many rows would be returned by that index when you query it.This is especially true of transactional data and anything to do with dates.However there are some cases when you need to update master data that is isolated where the easiest way to do this is directly in the SQL table.The SQL Server query optimizer uses statistics to estimate how many rows will be returned by parts of your query. By default, the SQL Server optimizer will see that no statistics exists, and wait while two column statistics are created on the First Name Id and Gender columns.

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