Updating chassis serial number in bios

Virtualization Technology Directed I/O (VTd) (enable/disable) - Controls virtualization DMA remapping features of the chipset.Do not turn the computer power Off while the BIOS is saving the Computer Setup (F10) changes because the CMOS could become corrupted.parts=show At the system initialization it hang with a post code “B7”.

updating chassis serial number in bios-79

The difficulty I have had is finding a free update for the bios.

I don't know if I'm missing something obvious, but the only links I find lead me to pay for something called Bios Agent Plus which I don't think is right.

We have bought a Intel NUC kit, but the serialnumber is missing in the BIOS, so our asset manegment system is complaining :-( Is it an error or by design that the serielnumber is missing in the BIOS?

And if it is by design, is there a way to enter the serialnumber in the BIOS?

Restoring a previously saved MBR after a disk utility or operating system has modified the MBR, may cause the data on the disk to become inaccessible.

Only restore a previously saved MBR if you are confident that the current bootable disk's MBR has been corrupted or infected with a virus.Any two of them work perfectly, but when I connect all 3, Revo Drive disappears from BIOS.I tried to switch their places on PCI slots, it did not help.I can send the same IPMI command to write data to the VPD page on the HS22, however it does not persist across reboots of the IMM.What IPMI commands are asu sending when it sets the MTM & Serial? I've inherited a few Lenovo laptops unfortunately and I am trying to get them to work with my scripted naming convention.

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