Updating traditional dining room furniture

You might not be able to change the room size, but there are ways of adapting the space to cater for the number of guests, such as using extendable tables and fold up chairs.

If you like to serve food inside the dining room, then buffet tables and sideboards with the addition of a hot plate are a great idea.

Dining room décor: what to think about This is where you can really showcase your style and taste.

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Replace traditional dark walls with patterned wallpaper or uplifting colours in neutral shades.

Contemporary bookcases and floor to ceiling shelving can look great when stacked with books and quirky objects.

Getting the right atmosphere is key and this can be difficult when, for many of us, our dining rooms are either connected to our kitchens or living rooms, or are an altogether separate room that’s used fairly infrequently, making choosing a design scheme tricky. Your dining room can be used in a multitude of ways and the space remains a great addition to a house – however big or small your dining room may be.

Design your dining room well and it will become the hub of your home, and not just a dumping ground for ‘stuffocation’ sufferers or a messy desk area for life admin and homework. Before getting down to the finer details such as furniture style and wall colour, it’s essential to plan your dining room for its purpose before you personalise it.

Other than family meals and fabulous dinner parties, think about how else to make the most of your dining room.

Do you need a small desk area tucked in the corner, or perhaps a comfy chair for curling up with a good book?

Shop a similar look: Small elements add drama to a room.

Ron Woodson and Jaime Rummerfield painted this foyer wall a serene sage green to highlight the lovely off-white Sunset mirror and an Asian-inspired console.

We have the prime step for traditional dining room idea. You can find Client Project Updating A Traditional Dining Room Emily A Clark Traditional Dining Room Designs guide and view the latest traditional dining room designs in here.

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