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She moved back to New Orleans following her high school graduation in 1976; only a year or two later did she finally tell her mother. [IMAGE “4” “left” “std” ]These days her daughter is in such a good place, says Betty. ) They pamper themselves by getting Thai massages, and they recently purchased a 140-acre ranch outside of Los Angeles, where De Generes is gamely attempting to take up her girlfriend s passion for riding.

Of course she was shocked and upset and she was going to leave him, says De Generes. De Generes says that she and de Rossi are maybe in the market for a new house, but despite reports, she says they are definitely not buying the million Beverly Hills mansion for sale by Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston. Portia just bought me a quarter horse named Puff, she says.

As for having kids, never say never, says De Generes.

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shout-out any time soon: When I m 80, I m going to be dancing with my walker going kah!

A lot of us like to think our gaydar is in never broken and perfectly in tact.

In 2011, he told Out Magazine “That facade of being somebody I’m really not just to protect myself definitely helped with acting.” Source: ABC There was alway something different about Sara Gilbert and her portrayal of “Darlene” on “Roseanne” but I just assumed that “Darlene” the character was just different.

I know plenty of off-beat women who some would consider gay, though they definitely are not.

If everything else went away, as long as I ve saved enough money that I can live with trees and animals around, that s the most important thing to me. All of which means that at 47, De Generes is feeling so footloose that she is even confident enough to take a playful jab at her daytime rival Oprah Winfrey. But no, if it wasn t her, there s going to be somebody. It is a lesson De Generes has learned well during the fluctuations of her 25-year career, which stalled after her famous Yep, I m Gay outing eight years ago.

Suddenly, with a burst of energy, Charlie – the newest of the brood – takes a flying leap. I just think that she should retire, says the comedian, clad in a button-down shirt, jeans and one of her 15 pairs of Vans. When I first announced I was doing (a talk show), everybody was like, Why would you do that? You have to do things that it doesn t matter how many people failed. [IMAGE “2” “” “std” ]De Generes has heeded that same advice about her own love life, which underwent a major upheaval last December, after she hit it off with the Australian-born de Rossi, who currently costars on the FOX sitcom at an awards show. For her part, de Rossi told in September that her relationship with De Generes is very loving, peaceful, adding, I really feel not alone for the first time in my life. The pair who wear platinum bands on their left ring fingers have talked marriage and kids.

I m at the grocery store and people will go, You re not dancing!

I m like, That s because I m shopping for groceries!

Many of us watched “Sex and the City” religiously and had no idea that Cynthia Nixon, the woman who played “Miranda,” the smart and sometimes cynical attorney was bisexual.

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